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Real store open for a limited time!

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The steering committee of TRANS BOOKS will hold the TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs EXHIBITION at the same gallery in Musashi Koyama, Tokyo from December 11th to 13th and 18th to 20th, 2020.
*Please note that the opening hours are different on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

The "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADS EXHIBITION" was organized as a real store of the "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADS" data bookstore, which is now open online.

The "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs" is a "data bookstore" that sells "data" of various books created by participating authors in its online store. The Data Bookstore offers a variety of book data that can be "downloaded" to your computer or real-world computer for a variety of reading experiences.

This time, as a real store, the printed books will be displayed at the venue. We will provide a place where you can hold the printed books in your hands and enjoy them. We hope you will take this opportunity to feel the appeal of the data "books" sold at "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs".

※The books exhibited in this exhibition are available for purchase online through the "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs" website. The books printed at the exhibition will not be available for sale.

Basic Information

Event Title
December 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 2020
Open hours
Friday: 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
. Saturday, Sunday: 0:00pm to 7:00pm
same gallery(Musashi Koyama)
〒142-0063 4-6-7 Ebara, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Social Media
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
TRANS BOOKS Steering Committee
(Mio Izawa / Yurie Hata / Shunya Hagiwara / Akiko Saito)
Supported by
same gallery

Participating Artist


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TRANS BOOKS has been held since 2017 as a book fair that sells any book, electronic, non-electronic or otherwise, regardless of the media. It has been held every fall and has sold a wide variety of books.

Books serve as a bridge between people and information, and continue to change shape and expand with the times. We started "TRANS BOOKS" to explore more expressions and communications that are possible only with "books" to express these times.

We think of "books" as a platform that deeply embraces expression, and we have been working to create a place where people can have fun while experiencing the diversity, possibilities, and fun of books and the experiences that surround them.

As we enter the year 2020, the environment around us has changed dramatically. I feel that the relationship between people and the media, including books, is changing along with it. I believe that the relationship between people and the media, including books, is changing, and that we will be able to create a relationship that goes beyond simply replacing what we used to see and touch in the real world with online and digital media.

What possibilities are there for the "book" in such a situation? We discussed the relationship between ourselves and the media of today, and the theme we came up with was "Download". Download" is the act of transferring data on the network to one's computer or smartphone, or from the online space to real life.

We consider the act of "downloading" as a gateway between the online world and our own, and that's why we opened "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs". At our bookstore, we aim to provide you with a variety of experiences related to books and books that you can enjoy today.

We are pleased to announce that we have opened the "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs EXHIBITION" as a real bookstore. We planned this exhibition because we want you to enjoy holding the printed books in your hands.

At the exhibition, books printed from the data available at "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs" will be on display for visitors to take in and read and also to purchase books of their interest.

We hope you will take this opportunity to feel the appeal of the data "books" on sale at "TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs".

TRANS BOOKS Steering Committee

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